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Epex Soil Solutions delivers a new approach to road construction.  The technology creates a stable, waterproof base layer even before a top coat is added. It’s been proven in building sustainable roads efficiently and effectively, worldwide.

Developed and optimized by leading chemists and engineers in the specialty chemical business, Epex Solutions, offers SST’s PM-50 and PM-70 products as the leading solutions for civil engineering works.

Most environmentally friendly soil solution materials in use today are polymer emulsions dispersed in a water base.  The two most prevalent types are based on either acrylic esters or vinyl acetate.  Both monomers are esters and are dispersed in water.  An initiator/catalyst is added, and these molecules will react with each other to form long chains of polymer within the emulsion particles.

Why Epex Soil Solutions?

  • SAVES TIME:  Cuts construction time up to 50%

  • CUTS COSTS:  Saves up to 30% during construction and 50% or more on maintenance costs.

  • DURABLE:  PM-70 maintains its elasticity long after other road surfaces begin to break down, ensuring the road surface remains intact.

  • VERSATILE:  Uses existing soil to create a stable, durable, and waterproof structure, making it well suited for rural, industrial or oilfield roads.

  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY:  Requires no heat, practically eliminating energy consumption during construction and maintenance

  • SAFE:  Non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-allergenic, non-flammable

  • QUALITY:  PM-50 and PM-70 are first generation, custom blended products for the customer’s specific soil type

  • PM-50 is an Eco-Safe biodegradable liquid co-polymer used to obtain a stable and waterproof base layer foundation prior to sealing.

PM-50 is available as an opaque or black polymer. PM-50 is a high performing stabilization agent that physically and chemically bonds soil, caliche, and dewatered oilfield waste to improve compressive strength, high tensile resilience and water permeability.


PM-50 is designed for use with:

  • Oil field service roads, pads, facilities

  • Rural, industrial and farming roads

  • Subgrade materials such as clays, silt and sand

  • Natural or manufactured granular pavement materials

  • In situ recycled pavement

  • Base and sub-base layers of public streets and highways

​PM-70 is an environmentally safe formulated liquid co-polymer engineered for use in civil construction for sealing.  It works as a sealant as well as a high performing stabilization agent.

PM-70 is also available as a clear opaque or black polymer. PM-70 is also a high performing stabilization agent that physically and chemically bonds soil and other materials to improve surface flexibility, high tensile resilience and water permeability.

The key areas to use PM-70 as a polymer seal and/or stabilization agent are:

  • New road construction surface sealing

  • Sealing or stabilizing oilfield roads, pads, pits, facility foundations

  • Sealing or stabilizing rural roads, industrial roads, farm roads, road shoulders

  • Stable, flexible, waterproof surface to reduce or prevent ruts and potholing

  • Improved skid resistance and decreased rolling resistance

  • Significant dust reduction

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