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Optimized Performance with Innovative Service

Epex is Different


Epex Solutions is not just out of the box software delivering automation or analytics.  Epex is not a software application at all, it is a web based process optimization and workflow interface built on a SQL relational database.  At Epex, we don't sell you software and we don't offer consulting to make you change your business processes to meet our structure.  The Epex' approach is to understand your company and culture and deliver an optimized management workflow solution to match how you work, but with greater transparency, accountability and ease of use through our "manage by exception" process. 


Epex provides experienced business analysis, application configuration and ongoing support for the associated business and technical process needs.  "We" is a word we use often when talking about our client's optimization results.  Epex is not a data warehouse or analytics tool, it is repetitive process optimization that transforms your processes, productivity and culture. 

And "we", is us doing that with you.

Epex Basics


Epex is most effective on processes that are repeated on a regular basis and stretch across multiple departments or resources.

  • Epex is a business process and a custom configured Enterprise Process Management technology solution.

  • Epex places all of the process-relevant data in once single source to eliminate confusion and errors.

  • Having data in one location simplifies reporting, dashboards and performance metrics.

  • Epex uses a web based “Home Page” approach to show each individual what task is waiting on them and allows task cycle times to be accurately tracked and measured.

  • Epex forces ownership to eliminate the ability of resources to deflect responsibility for task quality and timeliness.

  • Epex is customized to match each customer’s process and organizational structure and can be deployed in as little as two months.


Epex minimizes confusion, eliminates organizational and rig idle time, clearly shows bottlenecks while getting everyone on the same page.

Fully Configured for Your Organization


Unlike most solutions that include a software component, Epex is fully configurable. Below are just some of the parameters that will be configured to match your business processes and needs:

  • Project Management screens called Execution Views will be configured to display each company’s wells (or other units to be managed) in a way that makes identifying exceptions to the normal business process easy to detect.

  • Master file pages that contain every well show just the columns each company will want to see when searching or researching wells.

  • Notifications that are sent when a task is complete and the well moves to the next person(s) in line, can be fully customized to collect information pertinent to both internal and external users. 

  • Task List Views that clearly show each well is currently waiting to be accomplished can display any combination of fields to allow the current task to be performed without searching for additional data.

  • Sub-processes like AFE development, permitting and well completions can have their own Execution View and can use the same optimized process.

Proven Benefits

Past implementations have proven Epex Solutions brings tangible benefits well beyond the cost of deployment. Below are just a few:

  • Eliminate Rig Idle Time – In its first full year of use, a customer experienced a complete elimination of rig idle days (costing up to $70,000 per day) while its nearest direct competitor in the basin incurred approximately $10MM.

  • No Lost Leases – The same customer that eliminated rig idle time also avoided mistakenly losing one lease in the basin where very few leases were already held by production.

  • M&A Transitions – A customer acquired a sizable lease and was soon told by the existing operator that a rig would need to be idled for two weeks starting on the acquisition close date. The wells being acquired were loaded into the Epex Solution and within three weeks, enough wells were ready to drill where not one rig idle day was incurred.

  • Appropriate Staffing Levels – A client who is rapidly growing used the data captured by Epex to determine that a request from a department to add a resource would not have increased the overall throughput of the process. Instead, they added the resource to the department that was struggling to keep pace with the rest of the enterprise. The ability to identify bottlenecks allowed for resource balancing that resulted in more process throughput.

  • One Data Source – Epex becomes the single source for basic well data which eliminates confusion, rework and standardizes business metric reporting. Having one data source allowed a business unit in a major E&P company to accurate forecast their capital spend, production volumes and personnel needs.

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