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Solving the Client's Problems

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Epex Solutions' process optimization allows us to not only rapidly deploy a solutions for a client but create a "living" solution that keeps up with the client's changing environment whether it be processes or people that change.  In the described case we designed and implemented Epex in three weeks to meet the client's needs.

Effective operational management of your operations through the highs and lows of oil and gas prices.

Optimizing Drilling Program Management using Epex Solutions "Manage by Exception".

The things you never hear from Epex clients, and the things they never have to deal with.

Using Epex Solutions to knock down the functional silos that are stifiling your organizational process velocity.  Managing by exception with clear visibility and accountability will build more cohesive teams and deliver higher quality results.

Effectively manage your completions scheduling and associated operations with Epex Solutions.

Meeting the acquisition and operational challenges in the Powder River Basin with Epex Solutions

Are you managing by exception?  How to know if you really are or if you just think you are.

Integrating newly acquired assets into an organization is difficult to say the least.  When merging two cultures, introducing new employees and developing and maintaining operational excellence you need the best operational management solution available....Epex Solutions

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