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Next Generation Procurement for

Small/Mid-Size Companies

Procure-X is the next generation of procurement that is low risk and high return.  Many smaller oil and gas companies don't have the resources to have an established procurement function within their organization.  Procurement tasks are put in the hands of personnel who don't have the time to properly source most goods and services.  This means many items are sole-sourced with little price checking against the market. For the items that are purchased in bulk, such as OCTG items, it is best to allow skilled procurement specialists to source items that meet engineering specs, freeing up engineer's time to devote to their core job.  This is exactly where Procure-X fits.

Contract Procurement Services

As the oil and gas market swings in both directions so do the prices of goods and services.  When the market swings down, we position our clients on the leading edge of the price reductions.  When the market swings up, we work to delay the increases that will inevitably come.  Procure-X builds relationships with suppliers using our collective buying power to make sure the pricing we obtain for our clients meets or beats the market average.  We use several sources to keep a constant pulse on market conditions and pricing.

After Procure-X has ordered goods and services the supplier invoices come to us.  We check the pricing to make sure it aligns with the pricing quoted months prior.  If pricing comes back higher than the agreed to price, the invoice is returned to the supplier for editing.  Procure-X also spot checks for duplicate invoices which largely go undetected in companies without a procurement function. 

Procure-X clients pay a one time setup fee and nothing more, so there is no risk to our clients by not using the service to justify an ongoing cost.  With the benefits of better pricing, invoice price validation and basic fraud protection with no ongoing risks, Procure-X is the next generation of procurement services. 

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