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Our Background


Our backgrounds are anchored in decades of consulting for some of the largest consulting firms in the world, as well as business communications, new technology assessment and implementation, and corporate process improvement within a major oil and gas and chemical corporation.


Our Experience


Our experience covers practically all aspects of business as our initial focus was on introducing new business technologies and implementing company-wide applications known as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. From that foundation, we assisted companies of all sizes with operations management, program management, project management, performance measurement, leadership development, and organizational structures.  We have experience in many industries, including oil and gas, oilfield service companies, manufacturing, high tech and many more.


Our Passion

Our passion is to bring those we work with to a much higher level of performance than where they were before we arrived. This requires that we understand their business and their specific business processes to help them optimize their own process management. Our solutions might include introducing new ways to work, think, listen and get along with co-workers. We introduce communication and learning tools to improve internal communications as well as communication with vendors and service companies. The techniques we teach will build a culture of teamwork, transparency and accountability. We know we're successful when our clients say, “I can get so much more done now in the same amount of time as a result of using your solution.” We make sure our solutions aren’t just streamlined ways of doing the same thing, but are also easy to implement and understand.

Our Results

Our results are what are strikingly different with Epex Solutions.  By utilizing a unique blend of  technology and customization to fit our customer's structure and culture, we provide a solution that fits each customer's processes. 


In "off the shelf" solutions customers typically must change how they work to match the application and add internal technical and operations support to maintain the application.  They, in most cases, also work to modify the "off the shelf" solution to do things that they are not necessarily intended to do.  This ultimately leads to higher costs and poorer overall performance.


On the other hand, with a strictly custom solution, typically built in house, it tends to be difficult to scale the solution based on business changes over time and support typically becomes an issue as internal support is prioritized a myriad of ways.

With Epex, our solution is a blend of consulting expertise to work with management and functional teams to help optimize their own internally developed processes.  We then take those processes and structure a web based user interface that allows each employee within a process to easily act upon their tasks at the appropriate time.  They are notified through their individual home page and email, when the pre-requisite task is completed, that they are to complete their assigned task by providing the required information.  Upon completion, their task is closed out and the next in line is notified. This process is completed solely within the web browser.  No application software is required for the user to learn or use.

As part of Epex Solutions ongoing service, we provide modifications to the processes as the company and their operations change. This does not require internal technical support or additional cost. Epex executives also serve as independent business process analysts and our technical team works with the internal IT group to integrate with functional application and access or provide data feeds for analytics and required reports from Epex or data that is shared with other applications or functions within the organization.

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