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January 2020 - E&P Magazine:  Names Epex Solutions as Industry Innovator

Recognizing Innovation Influencers

Innovation is the lifeblood of the oil and gas industry. However, innovation requires invention. Invention requires ideation. Ideation requires inspiration. E&P Magazine 2020

We are proud of the difference we are making in an industry so critical to our nation's success.  Bringing the efficiency of the manufacturing industry to the oil and gas industry has been both challenging and rewarding.  Epex thanks is clients for being early adopters of what we see as a better way to work.  Just as the auto industry can look back and wonder how they survived without the assembly line, our feeling is the oil and gas industry will do the same with the tools and techniques Epex brings to our clients.

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February 15, 2018 - E&P Magazine:  Managing Well Development with a Manufacturing Mindset

Anyone who has tried to introduce change within the oil and gas industry has heard the phrase “We’ve always done it that way” more than a few times during their career. It is the expected response from oil and gas executives and managers who have run their operations the same way for decades. While they have continually implemented new and effective technologies in the field and downhole and worked with other industries in developing and advancing things like geosteering, fracturing and countless other elements of drilling and upstream field operations, there is one area that has not really changed since the industry began shifting from an exploration mindset to large-scale development activities in the early 2000s. That area is the repetitive processes of new well development driven mostly by the move into unconventional oil and gas plays.

Some innovative industry leaders have shifted to a new mindset regarding operational management. Moving from an approach that manages new well development programs as if all wells are unique exploratory wells to one that only needs a manage-by-exception approach for all wells in an asset is much easier than it seems.....

March 26, 2018 - TIPRO Annual Convention Presenter, Sponsor and Exhibitor

Providing live examples of actually "managing by exception", the foundation of Epex Solutions, during the TIPRO Annual Convention presentation.  

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