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A Couple of Epex' Prized Clients

We implemented the process optimization solution from Epex in 2014. Quite frankly, we would have had a much more difficult time growing without the scalability of Epex.  Epex allowed us to reduce the number of staff required at weekly pre-drill meetings, and has allowed those meetings to be far more productive in almost half the time.  Since we have experienced such rapid growth, we have taken full advantage of Epex Solutions' capabilities to quickly change its process flows to match our ever changing operations.  Epex staff saves us time by handling bulk assignment changes and offers great insights into best practices not only from the E&P industry but from other industries that can improve our operational efficiency.  Epex brings transparency into our operations, accountability into the tasks critical to our operations and flexibility - allowing us to change our asset development program with the confidence in knowing we can still execute.  Recently we decided to add additional processes to Epex to further optimize our business operations.  I would recommend Epex to both small and large companies with critical repetitive operations.  Epex has played a substantial role in our ability to successfully grow and scale rapidly at Parsley Energy.


Matt Gallagher

CEO, Parsley Energy

I have worked with Brad Thompson/Epex Solutions and have utilized their process optimization solutions at several different Oil & Gas companies from 2011 to the present day.  Initially I needed a solution to oversee an active 12 rig drilling program and also optimize the associated new well process.  Using an early version of Epex our time to market (as measured by well spud to first production) decreased by over 100 days over the course of the first year, which made our ROI from Epex and the process optimization almost immediate.

Additionally, we reduced our overall costs associated with the program as a result of a number of key items, including but not limited to, no idle rig time, optimization of scheduling services and resources and improvements in procurement of all materials.  Once Epex was put into practice it introduced and encouraged cultural excellence by promoting accountability, transparency and improved team work.  It allows management to not only see, but proactively manage process bottlenecks, reduce our operational risk and allow for measurement of departmental and individual goals.  We continue to find new ways to use Epex to optimize our repetitive business processes and I would recommend anyone looking to gain efficiency, implement process improvements, program control and oversight to use Epex.


Joe DeDominic

President/COO, Anchutz Exploration

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