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Repetitive Business Processes and Well Planning

Optimize Management of Many Repetitive Processes in Various Industries

The Epex Solution that was initially designed for the process of developing new oil wells is equally effective for non-energy related businesses.  If your business has critical business processes that are repeated over and over again, then Epex has the solution to optimize and manage those processes. 

Some examples might be:

  • New product development and testing (food / pharma}

  • Franchise development of locations where building or locations are built or renovated

  • Loan processing where lending agencies pass tasks back and forth between corporate and branch locations

  • Deployments of equipment and personnel like the military, service industries or construction crews

  • Change order management where a large number of change orders might be issued for a single project yet the implementation of those change orders are not tracked and managed

  • Permit and compliance tracking (energy, government)


It is highly likely that if you have a repetitive business process in your company, it is tracked on multiple spreadsheets, has very little transparency and allows for gaps in responsibility.  Epex solves all of these shortcomings while automating the flow of your 'product' through your business process.  Since Epex is configured to match your business process and use your terminology, our solution is very intuitive, and without software to learn the organizational learning curve is very short.

Using Epex also transforms organizations into teams who can clearly see how their work affects other and corporate productivity.  Because we capture completion dates for all of the tasks we track, it is simple to understand bottlenecks, identify productive resources and set departmental and individual performance metrics which will drive employee behavior. 

Epex for Well Planning - Drilling Program Management

As companies move from conventional to unconventional drilling, new challenges are seen.  While conventional drilling requires the same basic steps to move a well from idea to final lift, the volume and speed at which that happens is dramatically greater when executing an unconventional drilling program.  The exchange of information becomes much more critical in both its quality and timing.  The companies need to have a process more similar to repetitive manufacturing than of custom, one-off well drilling.

In unconventional drilling, delays are costly.  A fully-loaded drilling rig can run $70k-100k per day.  Not having a well ready to drill is common among companies that do not have simple and clear visibility to drilling readiness of their wells.  Furthermore, changes in the program due to inadequate offset well production can only be made if there are alternative wells ready to drill.


At Epex, we set out to help optimize the client's business processes and implement Epex' supporting technology that is customized to meet each client’s needs.  Our solutions eliminate the drag in the organization, create schedule nimbleness and clearly show bottlenecks and idle capital dollars.  Our efforts result in a more efficient organization, reduced time-to-market, optimized well production and a higher return on capital.

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