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Implementation and Support



​Our solutions are matched to the way our clients do business. Implementations usually last two to three months and require only periodic involvement from our client’s personnel.

  • We first hold an efficient group session, typically with senior functional management, to map out your current processes, understand where current bottlenecks may exist and align tasks with their responsible resources. Once that is done, we will customize our technical solution to the client’s needs and present that solution for review. After some iterations, we will settle on a design and gather historical data for uploading.

  • After data is loaded we will hold a parallel operation to make sure we have the flow and automated notifications correct, then conduct training.

  • Our clients generally identify a project lead who will help coordinate internal resources and data gathering. Our process mapping requires key resources only for a very short period of time to minimize business interruption.

  • Since our technical solution is so intuitive, we generally train each department in one hour sessions and require very little follow up training. Epex is no more difficult than filling out a form on any common web site.



A key component of the Epex Solution is ongoing client  support. First of all, WE LISTEN! These are your processes and although we understand them and can offer advice, you know what makes sense for your organization. Our ongoing support allows you to more easily see the benefits of process modification that will optimize the process flows.

Another key aspect of Epex support is that updates can be quickly made and implemented in a matter of hours or days at the most. Ongoing support, which is part of Epex annual subscription includes training, minor workflow modifications, batch data uploads, administrative support and major code updates.

Advantage of Execution Views


One example of how our Execution Views help optimize business operations is around well completions, otherwise known as fracking. One of the biggest challenges faced by completions managers is keeping their frac crews sync’ed to the ever-changing drilling schedule. Epex has a Completions View that allows the completions managers to look down one column in a matter of seconds and see where changes in the drilling schedule now require changes in the frac schedule. Typically, the drilling manager has to compare the new drilling schedule to the old one, identify changes and then determine if they require any changes from his/her perspective. Depending on the number of drilling rigs this can take hours and, because of its tedious nature, is much to easy to miss items needing corrective action. Since a well that is drilled and not producing oil delays revenue, this “time-to-market” delay can be very costly if not properly managed. Epex makes it simple, quick and intuitive to identify the solutions and take corrective action. Our notifications even allow for automated notification of the frac crews of any changes made by the completions managers.

Epex for unconventional drilling


The Project

Epex Solution consists of business processes and enabling technology custom designed to each company’s business operation. It tracks wells from inception to production, coordinating and communicating well readiness activities by department. The processes use a “manage-by-exception” approach where only wells needing special attention are discussed.

Key Benefits

  • Enables organizational scalability and nimbleness

  • Use data to balance workforce, eliminate bottlenecks, make business decisions and monitor business operations

  • Exposes schedule risks far ahead of the drilling rig (outstanding permits, lease expirations)

  • Prioritizes departmental workload by task

  • Allows other areas of optimization (products and services demand planning, financial look-backs, production versus expectations)​

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