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Product Application


A key aspect of Epex Soil Solutions is the correct application of our products.  As such, Epex works with our partners to ensure that all applications are done correctly to provide the most durable and long-lasting surfaces.  Our partners also ensure that the product is a first generation mix and the mix is optimized for the soil it will be applied to. 

Soil is sampled from the area where application will take place.  It is analyzed, a proctor compaction test done and blended with the proper mix of polymer/water to determine the optimum blend for the project area and type of application.

Epex partners make sure that the proper equipment is available and used for application in addition to ensuring the soil moisture content is right and that the proper blend of polymer/water is used and blended evenly at the correct percentage with the soil.

Proper application from blend to distribution ensures long lasting roads and pads with significantly reduced maintenance and maintenance costs to the customer.

Areas of Application:

Oil and Gas Access Roads

For oil and natural gas companies, road access is critical, not just on-site but also in the wider community. These roads sustain some of the heaviest traffic and in turn suffer the worst wear and tear. Epex PM-50 and PM-70 products stabilize and seal these access roads, reducing damage, maintenance costs, visibility issues and dust-related health concerns. Epex products ensure year-round, all-weather site access and helps oil and natural gas companies meet regulatory compliance.

Dust Suppression and Erosion Control

Epex PM-70 may also be used for dust suppression and erosion control product that helps create safer roads and workplaces. This product also makes surfaces for mining, construction, infrastructure and farming projects stronger, more durable, more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Epex PM-70 requires just one piece of equipment, such as a water truck with an overhead spray bar system. It is simple to use, highly effective, and becomes increasingly cost effective over time.

Hardstand Areas

As the focal point of activities related to oil and natural gas extraction, hardstand areas like facilities and well pads experience high levels of heavy traffic. Epex soil stabilization is the cost effective and environmentally sustainable solution to construct hardstand areas quickly and lower ongoing maintenance costs. Penetrating the soil and compounding with each application, Epex PM-50 and PM-70 products physically and chemically bind soil particles together, creating durable foundations and water resistant, stabilized surfaces that have improved compressive strengths as well as high tensile resilience. With Epex Soil Solutions products, you can rely on access to your site, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Soil Stabilization and Sealant for Road Construction

Epex Soil Solutions stabilization products can either be in-situ blended into the existing road material or added to new materials through a pug mill at a  stockpile site. The product is then spread, compacted, trimmed and sealed to the required design specifications. A skilled crew will be able to lay approximately 75,000 sq ft per shift, offering significant cost savings—between five and ten times cheaper than traditional bound pavements like asphalt and concrete. Treated roads, provide years of maintenance free service without ruts and dust and are easily repaired if damaged.

Construction Applications

On construction sites, Epex Soil Solutions can greatly improve the stability of sub-grade and even sub-base layers.  Epex PM-50 can form exceptionally strong bound surfaces that still retain flexibility. These applications can be used to treat unsuitable sub-grades, recycle fatigued pavements, and construct new pavements for major infrastructure. Epex PM-70 is designed to be robust and flexible for sealing. It can be used as either a permanent sealing option, or as dust and erosion control.

Slope Stabilization

Epex Soil Solutions can be used for stabilizing slopes or other areas affected by drainage.  Slopes surrounding well pads, adjacent to roads, areas where creek beds cross access roads can all be treated with PM-70 to limit erosion causing damage to surrounding infrastructure by bringing unwanted mud and rock onto work areas.

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